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Innovative European quality solar panels

REC TwinPeak 2 Series Solar Panels

REC solar panels are high quality, high power-output solar energy panels that provide superior performance.

These premium European solar panels are ideal for residential and commercial solar power systems. REC creates industry-leading solar energy products that suit every commercial application.

The innovative design of the REC TwinPeak 2 panels allows for the most effective use of roof space during solar panel installation.

For higher system yield and improved performance in the shade, the efficient high power output solar panels from manufacturer REC are suitable for residential solar panel systems and commercial solar energy solutions.

The Austrian recommends REC solar panels because:

  • Established European solar panel manufacturer
  • Stringent internal testing
  • Strong product solar energy quality
  • Highly resistant polyester polyole construction

REC solar panels come with a 10-year warranty.

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Solarworld Sunmodule Protect SW 250 – 255 poly

Clever solar panel design ensures superior performance and high energy yields with the robust Sunmodule solar panels from German solar energy manufacturer SolarWorld.

Using innovative glass technologies on both the front and backside of each solar panel, these are lightweight but robust and durable solar panels.

Expect maximum energy yields thanks to the highly efficient cells and patented drainage corners that offer optimized self-cleaning.

Sunmodel Plus solar panels are an efficient performing solar product:

  • Extremely weather resistant, and tested against salt spray, frost and hail-proof, resistant to ammonia, dust and sand
  • Aesthetically pleasing, slender frame
  • Improved self-cleaning leading to improved light yield
  • Maximum flexibility, with lightweight but hardened solar glass offering more installation options

These SolarWorld solar panels come with 30-year linear performance warranty and a 10-year product warranty.

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Sun Module Bisun SWA Protect 280 duo clear

Sunmodule Bisun solar panels use the newest glass technology to ensure high yields, all year round.

These solar panels are the result of modern German solar power technology and design.

The Sunmodule Bisun solar panels have an innovative, highly reflective glass coating, even on the rear of the solar panels.

This glass technology is:

  • An exceptionally long lifespan with improved durability
  • High mechanical durability and improved degradation behavior.
  • Tested and functional even in extreme weather contents such as hail, salt spray and front
  • Improved performance with the ability to convert light into energy from all directions
  • Optimal protection against mechanical loads and environmental factors
  • Suitable for large-scale solar panel solutions, including ground-mounted solar systems and flat roofs

The Sunmodule Bisun solar panels offer the highest possible energy yields with their effective ability to convert sunlight to energy, even in the toughest conditions.

These Sunmodule Bisun solar panels come with a 30-year linear performance warranty and a 20-year product warranty.

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European technology and design create high power-output solar energy panels for superior performance.

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