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What Are The Benefits Solar Power Systems?

Many people are interested in residential solar energy, however, remain fixated on one issue – the cost of buying solar panels.

At The Austrian, we are a family owned business and we understand first-hand that the cost of a home solar installation is a very important consideration.

However, we also believe that installing high quality, highly rated solar panels does add value to your property.

With the right solar system and following our professional advice, you can get rid of the majority of your power bill. Let The Austrian show you how!


An efficient solar panel system is a cost saving feature of a home.

Solar panels help homeowners save money in many ways:

  • Immediately using a residential solar system may reduce or eliminate the household power bill
  • Household solar panel and battery systems enable a home to store energy and avoid purchasing power from the grid
  • In the long-term, having solar panels also could protects a homeowner from rising electricity costs

From an environmental perspective, household solar power is a meaningful contribution towards helping the planet:

  • By consuming less energy, a household is reducing its carbon footprint
  • Solar panels have zero carbon footprint. They are using the world’s cleanest energy source – the sun!
  • Solar energy is created from a renewal energy source (rather than sources like coal or gas)


How Does Solar Power Technology Work To Save You Money?

The long-term savings of solar panels are impossible to refute.

Choosing solar power won’t just reduce your power bill, it will also reduce your carbon footprint and add value to your property.

Solar panels work by capturing sunlight during daytime and converting the sun’s energy into Direct Current, or DC.

The Direct Current created from your solar panels moves to your inverter. Your inverter then converters the direct current to Alternate Current, or AC. (DC -> AC)

The AC is electricity you can use in your home to power your lights, fridge, tv, computer; anything!

And the extra power you don’t need is either stored in your solar battery storage for your house to use later.

If your battery is full, the excess power is sent back to the power grid for others to use, giving you a credit on your electricity bill!









Talk to The Austrian about investing in solar power technology in New South Wales.

Our professional team of solar experts can create a cost-saving solar energy design for your home or business.

Use solar energy system to create and store energy and cut your power bill.

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We pride ourselves on providing the best solar solutions for your needs, not ours. No offshore call-centres, no hard sell, no confusion. We will visit you personally to advise the best possible solution for you.

We are one of the only solar companies who will put in writing what your solar system will produce. We stand by our product, advice and service.

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